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Seastar Seamade Offshore Wind

Hellenic Cables-Seastar Seamade Offshore Wind


The scope of works of Tideway-Hellenic Cables consortium included the design, supply and installation of submarine export cable systems for the connection of the Seamade offshore wind project to the Belgian grid.  

Key Facts

Seamand NV
Location of the Project
Submarine cable length
30 km
Water Depth
50 m
Cable Type
220 kV
Completed in
Hellenic Cables-Seastar Seamade Offshore Wind


Seamade is the name of the combined offshore wind projects Mermaid and Seastar, two offshore wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea. The wind farms were developed by Seamade NV, a joint venture between Otary (70%), Electrabel (17.5%), and Eneco Wind Belgium SA (12.5%), approx. 50 kilometres off the Belgian coast.  The contract entered between the joint venture Seamade NV and the Tideway-Hellenic Cables consortium covered the design, the manufacture of approximately 30 kilometres of 220 kV cables for both wind farms, the cable installation operations and connection of the wind farms high voltage substations to the Belgian modular offshore grid. 

Technical Information & Execution

Hellenic Cables manufactured 2 x 220 kV submarine power cables with total length of 30km in total and included 3×48 optical fiber cables integrated in the design. Hellenic Cables also supplied the required accessories for the realisation of the project and performed jointing, termination, testing and commissioning services. 


Hellenic Cables-Seastar Seamade Offshore Wind
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