Hellenic Cables proves its innovation with the development and production of a wide range of high and extra high voltage submarine cables (AC/DC) used for:

  • Interconnection of islands to the mainland grid
  • Grid connection between different countries
  • Offshore wind farms
  • Electrification of Oil & Gas Platforms (power to shore)
  • Short distance crossings such as rivers, channels, fjords etc.

The Company also demonstrates its world-class manufacturing capabilities in the production of inter-array cables, through which offshore wind farms are able to generate sufficient and sustainable energy for local communities, while promoting a more sustainable future.

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Hellenic Cables:

  • Manufactures medium, high and extra-high voltage submarine cables with alternating current (AC) , three-core or single-core, as well as direct current (DC) cables, with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, which are used in the offshore market. All submarine cable designs can be manufactured in very long continuous lengths, minimizing the need of factory joints and thus the risk of failures.
  • Standard submarine cable designs include integrated fiber-optic elements. We offer Light Weight (LW), Single Armoured (SA) and Double Armoured (DA) designs that include an optical core made of sealed stainless set tube containing up to 48 single-mode optical fibers.
  • DTS (Distributed temperature sensing) systems and DCR (Dynamic Cable Rating) systems can be also provided.

Our products are available according to various national and/or international standards, as well as according to the specifications set by the client.

Related Products:

  • Array Cables up to 72.5kV
  • Dynamic Cables up to 72.5kV
  • Export HVAC Cables up to 400 kV
  • Export HVDC Cables up to 525 kV
  • Wind Tower Cables up to 72.5 kV


Subsea Cable Systems
Hellenic Cables-Telecom


See where we have provided a range of turnkey solutions and cables in case studies ranging from offshore wind farms and island interconnections to energy transmission and distribution.