Hellenic Cables aims to promote corporate business ethics, safeguard a transparent operation and align its strategy with stakeholder interests.

ESG risks management

The Board of Directors has validated the Company’s established Environment, Social and Governance Roadmap (“ESG Roadmap”), which reflects Hellenic Cables’ strategy as well as commitment to address and manage all material ESG issues by creating policies, internal controls and monitoring performance by a comprehensive set of performance indicators.

Main goal and purpose of our ESG strategy is to address the respective risks arising in our value chain and mitigate them by developing and adapting a systematic approach.

The approval and effective implementation of the Roadmap is underpinned by the creation of all necessary corporate structures and due diligence mechanisms. Furthermore, the Board of Directors of Cenergy, the holding company of Hellenic Cables, is tasked with the oversight of the ESG strategy, risks and issues, as well as the progress of the ESG Roadmap.

Ensuring responsible operations

Hellenic Cables intends to operate in all of its activities honestly, ethically and transparently and always in line with the applicable laws, regulations and standards. The Company communicates these commitments in its policies and codes.

Sustainability Policy
Integrated Policy
Quality, occupational health & safety, environmental, energy management and climate change
Business Continuity Policy
Information Security Policy
Labour and Human Rights Policy
Hellenic Cables-Sustainability Reports

Business Code of Conduct

Hellenic Cables recognizes the need to take precautionary measures to combat potential risks arising from issues related to transparency and corruption. In this context, the Company has developed internal controls which are monitored by the Internal Audit Department and are in accordance with the Company’s Code of Conduct . To prevent and mitigate such risks and to enhance awareness among employees, the Company provides anti-corruption and business ethics trainings to all relevant employees. The various training topics include all matters involving business ethics (money laundering, antitrust and competition laws, anti-corruption, data privacy, etc.).
Hellenic Cables-Business Code of Conduct
Business Code of Conduct

Supply Chain Management and Due Diligence

Hellenic Cables seeks to maintain long-term partnerships with its existing suppliers, as well as to develop trust-oriented relationships with its new suppliers. As part of the Company’s ESG Strategy, the Supplier Code of Conduct was significantly revamped and redistributed to all Company business partners, including suppliers, contractors, consultants and business associates. The main goal is to share and promote fundamental values in ethics and sustainability principles across the value chain.
Hellenic Cables-Supply Chain Management and Due Diligence
Supplier Code of Conduct

Whistleblowing Mechanism

Hellenic Cables sets the proper communication channels for reporting illegal behavior by any Company employee. To this end, the Company has implemented a whistleblower mechanism that is in full compliance with the European Whistleblowing Directive. The mechanism intends to act as buffer to avoid and ultimately prevent the possibility of violations related to illegal behavior, conflicts of interest and violations of the Employee Code of Conduct. The mechanism furthermore can act as an early warning system for behaviors that will ultimately lead to law violations.

The mechanism is open to reports from employees as well as customers, suppliers or other third parties. All reports are treated confidentially by an external party so comprehensive protection is ensured for the reporting party.

Integrity Hotline

To raise a concern or issue related to our company that is not in line with our Business Practices use our Integrity Hotline page. Individuals have the right to remain anonymous when reporting a concern or issue.

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Data Management and Privacy Risk

Hellenic Cables adopts a holistic approach with regards to the management of digital or other information, in order to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity. All personal and corporate data is protected against unauthorized access, loss, leakage, or manipulation using appropriate organizational, procedural, and technological means. Hellenic Cables uses a certified Information Security Management System (ISO 27001: 2013) and has formalized an Information Security Policy along with relevant processes.

Hellenic Cables recognizes the need to protect personal data, not only as a legal compliance requirement vs the 2016/679 EU General Data Protection Regulation and other standing legislation, but also for the added value and competitive advantage it offers. The company is committed to protecting the personal data of employees, customers, suppliers, partners and investors. The aim is to adhere to the international standards and best practices and thus minimize risk against the privacy of individuals and their personal data. To that end, Hellenic Cables adopted and implemented a Personal Data Protection Policy, set specific roles, procedures and controls for the protection of personal data throughout their its activities’ spectrum, along with the establishment of overviewing mechanisms on risk mitigation actions and their continuous improvement.
Hellenic Cables-Data Management and Privacy Risk
Privacy Statement