Hellenic Cables-EUROPACABLE


Proud Member of Europacable
The voice of the European cable industry

Hellenic Cables is proud to be a member of Europacable, a European association based in Brussels, whose members include the largest cable producers in the world as well as highly specialized small- and medium-sized cable related businesses. Europacable serves as the voice of the European wire cable manufacturers in Europe, and Hellenic Cables actively supports their agenda and initiatives.

This signifies our position as an industry pioneer and a responsible and sustainable cable making company. Accordingly, we are a signatory of the Europacable Industry Charter affirming our commitment to continue to push the boundaries to help develop increasingly reliable, safe and secure cables. In addition, we have undertaken the commitment to provide a safe and secure workplace, and to make our business and work as environmentally friendly as possible.

We continually strive to set the highest standards in the industry delivering lifetime value not only in quality and services to our customers, but also through our overall corporate responsibility supporting the industry consensus behind The Europacable’s Industry Charter. An important move to defend and advance the interests of our customers, the global community, and the natural environment.

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Hellenic Cables-IEEE


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (ΙΕΕΕ), is the greatest business association worldwide that promotes technological innovations for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members aim at inspiring the world community through publications of scientific articles, participation in congresses, technological standards and both professional and training activities.

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Hellenic Cables-CIGRE


Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Electriques (CIGRE) was established in 1921. CIGRE promotes collaboration between experts from around the world, development and knowledge sharing, communication of research results and best practices among the members of the Council. Also, the objective of CIGRE is communication of research results to policy makers on issues of electricity networks.

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Hellenic Cables-Business Network for Offshore Wind


The International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) is the premier offshore wind energy conference in the Americas. Hosted by the Business Network for Offshore Wind, IPF connects global leaders and businesses in the supply chain, offers unparalleled networking opportunities, and delivers the most timely and relevant updates on the industry, from technology and policy, to safety and siting.


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Hellenic Cables-WindEurope


WindEurope is the association for wind energy in Europe. It represents the entire value chain: utilities/developers, manufacturers, banks and insurance companies, and research institutes. Its members also includes the national wind energy associations of all the countries in Europe.

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Hellenic Cables-SEV


Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) aims to contribute to the modernization and development of Greek enterprises through the creation of a competitive national capital in the European and global financial competition. Also, SEV is a member of the Union of Industrial and Employers’ Federations of Europe (Business Europe), the leading independent organization representing European enterprises.

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