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United Kingdom
Hellenic Cables-
Hellenic Cables America Co.
CPW America Co.

750 Town and Country
Blvd Ste 675
Houston, TX 77024
T.: +1 (281) 752-7333

Alurame S.p.A.
Milano, Italy

Via A. Stradivari 10
20 131 Milano

Genecos S.A.
Paris, France

1 rue Francois Jacob
92500, Rueil Malmaison

Tepro Metal Vertriebs GmbH
Hurth, Germany

Ursulastrasse 33-41
D-50354, Hurth

Hellenic Cables-
Metal Agencies
Surrey KT14 7DU, United Kingdom

Suite 4, Cobb House, 2-4
Oyster Lane, Byfleet
Surrey, KT14 7DU

Hellenic Cables-
Inofyta, Greece

Plastic and Rubber Compounds Plant
59th km of New National Road Athens-Lamia
320 11, Inofyta

Annual production capacity: 24,000 tonnes.

The Compounding Plant in Inofyta, Greece supports Hellenic Cables for the production of PVC and rubber compounds and covers a total surface area of 21,262 m2, including 9,216 m2 of building facilities. A state-of-the-art, advanced polymer laboratory is part of the plant and allows polymer analysis and specialised chemical testing focused on quality control.
Lesco – PLTd
Blagoevgrad Municipality, Bulgaria

Packing materials and wooden drums Plant
2709 Belo Pole

Annual production capacity: 16,500 tonnes of wooden packaging products.

The plant, owned by Lesco O.o.d., is a modern timber company founded in 1998, located in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and exclusively involved in the manufacturing of wooden packaging products (pads, reels, pallets, packing cases) for the reeling of various cables.
Hellenic Cables-
Corinth, Greece

Submarine Cables Plant
Soussaki, P.O. 11, 201 00

Annual production capacity: 50,000 tonnes of cables.

The plant, owned by Fulgor, is located in Sousaki, Corinth, on a 210,732 m2 land plot, with a covered area of 97,957 m2 facilities (incl. copper and aluminium foundries). Hellenic Cable’s Corinth production plant is one of the largest and most advanced submarine cable factories in the world. The plant manufactures medium, high and extra high voltage submarine cables, submarine fibre optic cables as well as composite cables, special purpose cables. Fully-equipped port facilities operate within the plant to ensure immediate cable loading onto cable ships.
Hellenic Cables-
Thiva, Greece

69th km Athens-Thiva Old National Road
Agios Tryphonas, 32 200

Annual production capacity: 60,000 tonnes.

The Thiva plant, owned by Hellenic Cables, covers a total surface area of 175,082 m2, including 53,237 m2 of building facilities. It specialises in the production of land power and telecommunications cables.
Hellenic Cables-
Icme Ecab S.A. Cables & Compounds Plant
Boucharest, Romania

42, Drumul intre Tarlale Str.
3rd sector, 032982

Annual production capacity: 50,000 tonnes.

The plant, owned by Icme Ecab, is located in Bucharest, Romania on a plot with a total surface area of 267,789 m2 including buildings of 102,138 m2. It produces a wide range of land power and telecom cables as well as other special requirement cables.
Hellenic Cables-
Hellenic Cables S.A.
Greece, Maroussi

33, Amaroussiou - Halandriou Str.
151 25, Maroussi, Athens, Greece