Social responsibility is integrated in our culture. We are committed to protect health and provide a safe working environment, while promoting the development of our people and their well-being. Supporting our local communities and understanding their needs is a company priority.


Safe working environment & health prevention


Opportunities for our employees


Customer – oriented philosophy


Integration of responsible supply chain management


Local communities & society

Hellenic Cables-Sustainability Reports

Ensure employee health, safety and well-being

The protection of the health and safety of our employees is integrated fully into the daily operation of Hellenic Cables. We focus on providing a safe workplace and continuously promoting occupational health and safety for our employees and our partners (including customers, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, business associates and visitors) as well.

We implement certified Management System, according to the ISO 45001:2018 Standards, in all our manufacturing plants in Greece and Romania. It is applied on a plant level, in order to effectively monitor, evaluate and minimize the factors that may lead to an incident or accident.

We have developed and maintain specialized progress cards (scorecards) for each of our manufacturing plants, which enable systematic monitoring and evaluation of our performance. At the same time, actions and improvement goals are determined on a short term as well as long term based on the need for risk mitigation.

Hellenic Cables-Sustainability Reports

Opportunities for our employees

Our people are our most valuable asset. We continuously strive to be an employer of choice and work hard to create and maintain relationships of trust with all our employees.

We place an emphasis on diversity in the recruitment process and plans for specific actions to attract new employees. We support the recruitment of employees from our local communities, thereby contributing to development in these areas.

In addition, an important priority for us is the continuous development of employees, through effective training and merit-based evaluation. We are committed to provide equity among our employees and to integrate diversity while respect for human rights is an integral part of our philosophy.

Hellenic Cables-Sustainability Reports

Customer - oriented philosophy

Our customer-oriented philosophy, a key element of our strategy, is founded on effectively responding to customer requirements, as well as monitoring the wider market and international trends. This enables us to always be one step ahead, developing high quality products and integrated services, while being included on the lists of approved suppliers for internationally recognized customers.

Ensuring that our products are of the highest quality, is a top priority for us and is inextricably linked to customer satisfaction.

At each stage of the production process, we conduct systematic and strict quality controls, while we have set specific and measurable quality objectives, which are monitored through periodic reviews.

In satisfying customer requirements, as well as the specifications of large projects, the quality characteristics of the products that are produced are constantly improved, where appropriate, by well-trained employees, in combination with appropriate and innovative means of production.

Hellenic Cables-Sustainability Reports

Supply chain and responsible sourcing

We are committed to upholding sound business practices within the organization and across its supply chain and business partners.

Assessing the performance of our suppliers is an essential part of our ambition to reduce our own environmental impact. We have established an adequate and comprehensive management system of supplier evaluation so as to ensure that all major suppliers meet specific standards involving the respect for human rights, environmental compliance, employee safety and business ethics. Hence, we initiated a collaboration with the sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis, to evaluate the sustainability performance of our supply chain, giving priority to key suppliers.

Respective evaluations will be integrated to our supply chain mapping, enabling us to identify potential risks and systematically adopt improvement measures to mitigate them.


Hellenic Cables-Sustainability Reports

Local communities & society

We stand by the local communities close to which we operate, listening to their needs and contributing through social programmes. We have been committed to meeting society’s current and future needs by seeking to provide low-carbon, circular and safe products with production operations that respect its employees, social partners and the environment.

We support our local communities through social programs and financial aid, aiming to create value for both the Company and the society. In addition, we aim to cover our human resources needs through local employment, as well as collaborate with local partners and suppliers.