We produce telecom cables since 1962. Today, after more than 50 years of development and continuous investment, we manufacture a wide range of telecom cables in order to help providers achieve faster data, better performance, and several other high-level features. From copper and fibre optic telecommunication cables to submarine, underground or data transmission cables we link the world from end to end and contribute to the development of an effective and reliable communication.

Hellenic Cables-Telecom

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Our range of products includes but is not limited to the following types:

  • Telephone copper cables: conventional telephone cables, high frequency and XDSL telephone cables, telephone switchboard cables, drop wires
  • Data cables: U/UTP, U/FTP, F/UTP, F/FTP, SF/UTP, S/FTP
  • Fiber Optic cables: MAX. 24 fibers per tube, MAX. 16 fibers per tube, MAX. 2 layers per tube, MAX. 624 fibers per cable
  • Control & Instrumentation cables: Multipair PE insulated cables, Multipair PVC insulated cables, Multipair light current control cables, wiring cables for telecommunication systems
  • Railway Signaling & Pilot: ZMulticore/Multisquad cables, balise cables customized, EAPSP, CCPCCP & CCTSST cables, ZPAU, ZPGU, ZPFU, ZC03


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Hellenic Cables-Telecom


See where we have provided a range of turnkey solutions and cables in case studies ranging from offshore wind farms and island interconnections to energy transmission and distribution.