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Fulgor S.A.
Hellenic Cables S.A.
Icme Ecab S.A.
Founding of Icme Ecab S.A. under the name of “Electrocablu” as Cable manufacturing company
Start of cable manufacturing by Viohalco
Establishment of Fulgor in Agios Ioannis Rentis, Athens, Greece
Icme Ecab S.A. merges with Electroizolantul company (Insulating Materials company) and the new company is renamed “Cables & Insulating Materials Factory”
Paper insulated HV & MV cables. Design and production of low pressure oil filled cables including accessories for 150 kV
Relocation of the Company’s facilities in private property of 190 acres in the area of Soussaki, Agioi Theodoroi, Corinth
Completion of the first submarine cable links Kos-Kalymnos (25,4 Km) and Paros-Naxos (15 Km) by FULGOR on behalf of DEI (Public Power Co)
Establishment of Hellenic Cables S.A.
The company changes its name to Icme Ecab S.A. (Intreprinderea de Cabluri şi Materiale Electroizolante, Cables & Insulating Materials Company)
Production of submarine MV cables
Launch of XLPE insulated cables
Completion of underwater cable interconnection for Kavala – Prinos (Oil rig), for the needs of North Aegean Petroleum Company
Production of land HV cables
Collaboration with Siemens for the manufacture and laying of submarine fibre-optic cables in the Aegean islands, with total length of 770km
Production of fibre optic cables in cooperation with SIEMENS
Listing of Hellenic Cables S.A. on Athens Stock Exchange (ASE)
Construction of the first H.V. (High Voltage) 150 KV cables, on behalf of DEI (PPC)

Completion of underwater interconnection for the route Revythousa – Ag. Triada (Eleusina) on behalf of the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA). For the first time in Greece, a composite medium voltage (12/20KV) power cable with XLPE insulation is produced, which includes a telephone fibre-optic cable for the control of the final section of the power cable
The Austrian company Isovolta (Oesterreichische Isolierstoffwerke AG) becomes the main shareholder of Icme Ecab S.A.
Acquisition of Bucharest plant. Share capital majority acquisition of Icme Ecab S.A. from Hellenic Cables S.A.
The Cable PC becomes a full-fledged company named Icme Ecab S.A.

Restructuring of Icme Ecab S.A. and division of the company in two separate profit centres (PC): Insulating Materials PC and Cables PC
Buy-out of SIEMENS’s share in the fibre optic cable production plant
Registration of patents to the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation for factory connections of medium voltage submarine cables with XLPE insulation and fibre-optic submarine cables
Completion of the new Thiva cable production plant and operation of High Voltage cable production line

Hellenic Cables increases its share participation in Icme Ecab S.A. to 98.6%
Operation of new fire retardant halogen free (LSF) compound manufacturing line
Commission to Fulgor S.A., following an International Tender from the Public Power Corporation (DEI), of the turnkey project for the submarine interconnection “Kos – Kalymnos” with two submarine cables 12/20KV of 32 Km in total length, priced at approximately €95,000,000
Awarded with “Committed to Excellence” prize from the European Foundation for Quality Management
Awarded with “Recognised for Excellence 3 star” prize from the European Foundation for Quality Management
Acquisition of 100% of Fulgor S.A.’s share capital by Hellenic Cables S.A.
With an approx. EUR 60 million-investment plan, Corinth production unit becomes a state of the art facility and one of the largest and most advanced submarine cable factories in the world

Cyclades Islands interconnection worth approximately €93M by Greece’s Independent Power Transmission Operator. The contract includes underwater 150KV cable connections linking Tinos-Syros, Syros-Mykonos, Syros-Paros, as well as the installment of a terminal 150KV cable on Tinos

New contract worth approximately € 36.4M by Terna Energy for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the 150kV submarine interconnection of the 73,2 MW wind farm on the small island of Agios Georgios to the mainland power transmission System in Lavrion, Greece
The industrial and part of the commercial sector of Hellenic Cables S.A. Hellenic Cable Industry Societe Anonyme spins off and contributes to its 100% subsidiary “SYMMEP S.A. Participations & Investments Societe Anonyme”

Completion of the cross-border merger by absorption by Cenergy Holdings SA of the Greek formerly listed companies Corinth Pipeworks Holdings S.A. and Hellenic Cables S.A. Holdings Société Anonyme

Listing of Cenergy Holdings SA on Euronext Brussels and Athens Exchange
With its energy transportation expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, Hellenic Cables undertakes major projects interconnecting the world at the highest technological level
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