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Bell Island (Canada) Interconnection

Hellenic Cables-Bell Island (Canada) Interconnection


Turnkey project including the marine/ route survey, design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, protection, termination and testing of approximately 5.6 km of 25 kV AC submarine power cable systems.

Newfoundland Power Inc.
Location of the Project
Submarine Cable Length
5.6 km
Completed in
Cable Type
25 kV
Hellenic Cables-Bell Island (Canada) Interconnection


Bell Island is situated in close proximity to the Avalon Peninsula on the east coast of the island of Newfoundland.  Before the project completion, Bell Island was provided with electricity by means of four single-conductor submarine cables terminated at Broad Cove on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland which run to terminations at the area known as the Old Dominion Pier on Bell Island.

Technical Information & Execution

The turnkey project included the design, supply, marine/route survey, transportation to the project’s location, construction works, testing and delivery of two submarine cable systems for the connection of the Bell Islands, as well as the provision of all relevant services pertaining to the proper construction of the project. 

The cable system comprises of 2 three core, 25 kV, TR-XLPE insulated, shielded, lead-covered and galvanized steel armored submarine cables, approximately 5.600 m long crossing a 120m deep body of ocean. A spare cable of 500m will also have been supplied.

The project was successfully completed in December 2014. 


Hellenic Cables-Bell Island (Canada) Interconnection
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