Personal Data Privacy Statement for Entrance to Facilities Fulgor S.A.

The present informative text for the processing of personal data through the CCTV system during entrance to facilities is supplementary to the Privacy Statement of “FULGOR SINGLE MEMBER S.A. HELLENIC CABLE INDUSTRY” which can be found on our website:

Identity of the Data Controller

“FULGOR SINGLE MEMBER S.A. HELLENIC CABLE INDUSTRY”, hereinafter “the Company”, having its registered seat in Athens (2-4, Mesogeion Avenue), processes your personal data upon entry to these facilities through a CCTV (surveillance) system, in order to ensure access control for the purpose of  protecting the safety of authorized personnel and visitors and the security of the facilities themselves.

What personal data is being processed 

Data from CCTV systems upon entry and circulation in our facilities, as permitted by the law, for the Company’s legitimate interests, namely for the security of people and assets. We collect only image data and processing is limited to areas with increased likelihood for the commitment of illegal acts, without focusing on areas where the privacy of the people might be severely restricted.  

Who processes your personal data 

Processing is performed by the Company, other Viohalco companies as well as collaborating third parties and subcontractors on our behalf where necessary, in order to ensure the successful implementation of the controlled accessibility and security purposes.  Your personal data is not sold to anyone, not transmitted abroad of made available to third parties who are not necessary to ensure controlled accessibility and security.  

Protecting your personal data

Our company’s intent is to ensure that appropriate precautions exist to safeguard your personal data in any phase or location of its processing. This extends to subcontractors and collaborating parties when used. 

Retention of Personal Data 

We maintain personal data as follows: for images from the CCTV system upon entry and circulation in our facilities for no longer than 15 days, unless an incident occurs/is identified during this time period. 

Nevertheless, it is possible to retain these data for a longer period of time if so mandated by law, or for proportionate legitimate interests of the Company until these interests are no longer in effect. 

Your rights as data subjects & Profiling

No automated decision-making, including profiling takes place for your personal data. 

Please be informed that you have the following rights:

  1. To be informed of the personal data we process and request a copy to be provided 
  2. To request the data to be corrected or deleted, or to object to the processing of this data or ask for restriction on its processing. 

Please note that in some cases: 

  • This might lead to inability from our side to allow you access and circulation in our facilities. 
  • The above rights might be subject to certain exceptions and we might need to process these data further. 

In case you believe that we do not process your personal data lawfully or we have not sufficiently addressed your rights as above, you are entitled to complain to the supervising authority of your country of residence, work or the Company. The details of the Supervising Authority are as follows:  

Hellenic Data Protection Authority 

Contact us

For any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact us at +3021067687950 or via email at