Hellenic Cables celebrates the inauguration of Elia MOG project

Hellenic Cables-Hellenic Cables celebrates the inauguration of Elia MOG project

Athens, 31 October 2019

Hellenic Cables, the leading provider of turnkey cable solutions for the wind industry, celebrates the successful completion of Elia’s new modular offshore grid (MOG). The Belgian transmission system operator officially inaugurated the project in a ceremony attended by King Philippe of Belgium.

The platform, located 40 km off the coast, is linked to the mainland through two 220 kV submarine cables provided by Hellenic Cables. In total, 91 km of 220 kV submarine cables were designed, manufactured and tested at Hellenic Cables’ integrated, submarine cables plant in Corinth, Greece. In addition, Hellenic Cables provided the sea joints, transition joints between submarine and land cables, cabling and terminations on MOG platform as well as on-site assembly works, acceptance testing upon completion of installation works and commissioning.

Mr. Alexis Alexiou, Hellenic Cables’ General Manager, stated: “The MOG project marks our first and very successful collaboration with the Belgian TSO, Elia. As a company partly headquartered in Belgium through our parent company Cenergy Holdings SA, we are proud to contribute to the country’s environmental and sustainability targets with a project that helps harness Belgium’s enormous offshore wind potential. Further, the successful execution of MOG is testament to our commitment to competitive and high-quality solutions for the offshore wind industry globally”.

As further proof of Hellenic Cables’ strong commitment to support the growing offshore wind market, the Company is currently expanding its inter-array cables production capacity in its Corinth plant to supply a wide range of cables to offshore wind developers worldwide.

About Hellenic Cables

Hellenic Cables is one of the largest cable producers in Europe, manufacturing power and telecom cables as well as submarine cables for various industries, including offshore wind and interconnections, as well as turnkey power transmission and distribution projects. Hellenic Cables operates four plants in Greece and one in Bulgaria, including the submarine cables plant of its subsidiary, Fulgor, where the production and testing of some of the longest submarine cable lengths without joint on a worldwide basis is empowered by the Company’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Hellenic Cables recently implemented a EUR 150 million investment plan for the production of high and extra high-voltage submarine cables at Fulgor plant. Looking ahead, additional investments in technology and innovative cable solutions are planned, as a way of contributing to the creation of a sustainable future for its stakeholders. Hellenic Cables represents the cable production segment of Cenergy Holdings SA. For further information please visit our corporate website at www.hellenic-cables.com.