Hellenic Cables gets Gold award at the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards 2020

Hellenic Cables-Hellenic Cables gets Gold award at the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards 2020

Hellenic Cables received the gold award at the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards 2020. Specifically, Hellenic Cables was distinguished in the first pillar, in the section “Specialized Sector Applications” in the category Processing / Industry with the project “Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling”. This project concerns the development of a system that programs all production orders as they are created at the ERP system (SAP) level, optimizing the final production planning. The programmer can simulate through the tools provided, multiple scenarios, to arrive at an optimal plan which will eventually be distributed to the production lines. The possibility of accessing the plan of the program, to all interested parties, at any time, through their computers, allows the immediate and detailed information required for the smooth execution of the production. All the above contribute, among other things, to the increase of the production volume, to the reduction of the delivery times, to the reduction of the scrap and the stocks of intermediate products but also to the facilitation of the factory operations. Boussias Communications organized the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards for the ninth consecutive year, under the auspices of SEPE. The awards ceremony took place on September 23, 2020, at House 124 (Chalandri).

Mr. Papaioannou Ioannis, Plant Manager of Thiva, Mr. Tsahageas Periklis, SCM Projects Manager and Viohalco APS Info Team coordinator and Mr. Vafeidis George, Project Manager of the project received the award.

Mr. George Karakostas Chief Operating Officer of Hellenic Cables stated: “Hellenic Cables is proud of this distinction in the IT Business Excellence (BITE) Awards 2020, regarding the development of an advanced Design Planning and Production Planning tool with Dassault Delmia. We congratulate our team of the Thiva plant and reaffirm our commitment to extend similar solutions and initiatives in the context of Industry 4.0, to all our factory premises”.

About Hellenic Cables

With 70 years of successful cable production, Hellenic Cables is recognized as one of the leading companies in Europe for the transmission and distribution of energy in the sectors of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), telecommunications and data transmission. The company constitutes the cable production sector of the listed company on the Brussels Stock Exchange and the Athens Stock Exchange, Cenergy Holdings S.A.

Hellenic Cables is known for its strong export orientation, in more than 45 countries, building long-term partnerships and links with large organizations from countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The Company has three cable production plants in Thiva, Corinth and Bucharest, and a support unit in Oinofyta. The Corinth production plant is one of the largest and most advanced submarine cable factories in the world.