Convening Notice Icme Ecab s.a

Hellenic Cables-Convening Notice Icme Ecab s.a

Bucharest April 27, 2020

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS of ICME ECAB S.A., represented by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. LAIOS N. KONSTANTINOS, pursuant to the provisions under art. XII in the Articles of Incorporation of ICME ECAB S.A., hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, and to art. 117 of Law no. 31/1990, as republished and amended, hereby convene the ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS of the Company for 03.06.2020, at 14:00, first convening, at the Company’s seat in Bucharest, District 3, 42 Drumul intre Tarlale Street and if the quorum provided in the Articles of Incorporation is not met on the first convening, a second convening is hereby set for 04.06.2020, at the same hours, at the Company’s seat, with the following agenda:

1. Analyse the financial result and situation of the Company for the year 2019;

2. Approval of the financial statements for 2019 (balance sheet and the profit and loss account according to the Romanian standards) and the profit appropriation;

3. Discussion and approval of the Annual Report of the Board of Directors for 2019;

4. Discussion and approval of the Report of the Financial Auditor for 2019;

5. Presentation and approval of the budget for 2020;

6. The directors’ release of administration for the activity of 2019;

7. The ratification of all the actions carried out by the current members of the Board of Directors in the period between 27.05.2019 and the date of the election of the new members of the Board of Directors;

8. The election of the members of the Company`s Board of Directors for a period of one year;

9. Approval of the remuneration for the Company’s directors for 2020;

10. The appointment of the Company’s financial auditor and the setting up the minimum duration of the contract;

11. The authorisation of Mr. CHATZIDIS GEORGIOS, a Greek citizen born on 12.10.1976 in Marousi, Greece, with a domicile in Athens, Sismanogliou 15, Vrilissia, Greece, identified with Passport series AN2220704, issued by the Greek Authorities on 25.07.2016, to negotiate and to sign the contract which will be concluded with the financial auditor;

12. The update of the Articles of Incorporation as per the decision regarding pt. 8 and 10;

13. Election of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company;

14. Discussion and appointment of the persons from Drakopoulos Law Firm that shall represent the Company before the Trade Register Office in order to sign and perform all formalities necessary to register the Decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders which will be adopted.

The shareholders shall be entitled to vote according to the number of the shares, as registered in the shareholders registry by 20.05.2020, at the latest.

The documents and informative materials related to the items on the agenda of the general ordinary meetings shall be available to the shareholders at the Company’s seat and they shall be able to consult them and fill them in during working hours, namely between 08:00 -17:00 hours.

The forms for the powers of attorney shall be made available to the shareholders through the secretary of the Company’s BoD at least 7 days before the date set for the General Meetings of Shareholders. The powers of attorney shall be used for both meetings, for the first convening and for the second one and must be submitted in the original counterpart at least 48 hours before the date set for the meetings. If the power of attorney is granted in a different state than Romania, it must be submitted in original counterpart, together with the translation thereof certified by a notary public in Romania.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors,